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Honest Pay for Honest Work

Stop the shakedown of McDonald’s workers

A recent article in the New York Times outlined how McDonald’s employees across the nation are being pressured into receiving their pay in the form of pre-paid debit cards. Instead of traditional payroll checks or direct deposit, which allow workers to deposit their funds wherever they choose, the cards carry burdensome fees that leave many employees struggling to make ends meet.

Devonte Yates, a Milwaukee McDonald’s worker paid this way, says he spends $40 to $50 a month on fees and that, “there’s a fee for literally everything you do.”

Predatory banks like JP Morgan Chase are giving incentives to low-wage employers like McDonald’s so that they both profit by nickel-and-diming low-wage workers. It’s so bad that many workers end up making less than minimum wage.

Tell McDonald’s and JP Morgan Chase that workers deserve honest pay for honest work. Sign the petition demanding they stop nickel-and-diming workers!

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